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Best Customised  Anniversary Cakes in Delhi NCR  Online


Growing Old Together 

Each cake is a work of art and you could be a proud owner of one such unique creation. We also have a range of  Standard Designer Cakes which are eye catching, beautiful and come in various shapes, sizes ,colors & flavors to suit your requirement.

Wedding  Anniversary Cakes themed on Love & Romance

Our  Beautiful Wedding  Anniversary Cakes themed on Love & Romance come with handcrafted edible Figurine of the Anniversary Couple themselves. Recreating the suitable Ambience symbolizing their love & togetherness. 

All our Cakes are 100 % Customised & Designed for you.



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Cake Central Cake Design Studio is all about creating the most Amazing Designer Anniversary Cakes for your Wedding Anniversary Celebrations  

Wedding Anniversary is a Beautiful moment in a married couples life, its the date when they finally became man and wife , This special day which comes every year is the time to feel the same joy as the wedding date and look back at all the good times the couple have spend together in love and joy. 


So be it the  couples first wedding anniversary cake or their 25th wedding anniversary cake , the pleasure is always the same ..with the whole family coming together and celebrating .


Do have a look at Cake Central Design Studio’s Romantic Cakes in Delhi  category which are perfect for wedding anniversary cakes , they can be custom designed just for you and your better half .


For You Landmark wedding anniversaries  be it the Silver Jubilee or Golden Jubilee,  please visit our Cake Centrals Designs Studios very Exclusive Wedding Cakes in Delhi Online Designs  , these feature our beautiful Tiered Cakes which can be custom Make for your celebrations. 


Feel Free to Call 9810022201 or What app  9873281877 Chef Natasha Mohan the founder Cake Central Design Studio who will create a beautiful cake for you which will narrate your love story . 

 Marriages are  joyous occasions marked by celebrations. Anniversaries remind how wonderful the years passed by... how delightfully the lovey dovey couple walked a journey together. More the years,  more the two get mature. An anniversary,  first,  second,....,  tenth...silver jubilee...golden jubilee has a joy of its own. And savory cakes walk in, with all their scrumptious flavors and mellow freshness, without missing a chance to embellish the occasion.



Wedding anniversary cakes are bound to contain every element that defines love,  care,  compassion and a sense of togetherness. Cake designers never miss to add in the delectable wedding anniversary cakes a lot of roses, petals,  heart shaped toppings,  ribbons and chocolates. Red color symbolizing love and warmth finds a special place in the preparations.



Among all the cakes being baked and designed on the cake tables,  wedding anniversary cakes find maximum takers. Online cake delivery across every nook and corner in the capital has made the things quite easier.

Myriad flavors pour in when it comes to baking a wedding anniversary cake. Red velvet,  black current,  rich fruit cake,  pineapple,  kit kat, chocolate truffle,  vanilla,  strawberry, hazelnut,  walnut and customized flavors are every ready to lend passionate hues to the celebrations. Wedding anniversary cakes need a passion and heartfelt desire for baking them perfectly.


Wedding Anniversary  Cakes Online with Delivery in Delhi , Noida , Gurgaon & Faridabad 

Wedding anniversary cakes are meant to be a signature to the sweet moments spent together all along the beautiful journey of the wedlock. While designing, decorating, ordering or sending wedding anniversary cakes as a surprise gift, warm-hearted wishes are not to be missed ( congratulations on your first wedding anniversary,  heartiest wishes for a lovely life together, warm wishes for completing... years of a joyous journey, may the coming years continue bringing more cheers.... and anything that translates your emotions the best ).  Remember,  the name of the couple is quite important. It feels quite personalized and adorable to see the names of the couple artistically carved out with mellow softness. Chocolate frills, piping and edible colors come handy to do the job with artistic finesse.



Wedding anniversary cakes has a distinction too depending on the number of years of nuptial togetherness of the anniversary couple. First wedding anniversary couples are just like 'just married' ones. So,  red roses,  loud heart images and some quirky designs will sweep the two off their feet. Some prankish friends may also design an indication to start a family soon. For the senior couples celebrating 10th,20th,  silver jubilee or golden jubilee of their matrimonial bond might expect something mature like their favorite flavors and colors that suit their age and taste. Some good wishes saying a lot on warm relations,  compliments on completing a long matrimonial alliance and respectful wishes for joyous times ahead will make the cake an embodiment of your love for the couple and a pleasant show stopper.

Before you summon your near and dear ones to join the celebrations, just look at how gorgeous and sentimental the delicacy looks. More the love frosting on the cake,  more it is bound to convey your heartfelt feelings. Also,  a big number,  of course edible, must display the number of anniversary. A giant 10, 25, 50 looks fabulous and personalized at the same time.



 So, bake them to make them a cherished memory for the anniversary couple. Anniversaries being all around us,  make a quick note of all bustling cake locations around. Order them from anywhere Delhi, Noida , Gurgaon Faridabad or any where in Delhi like  - Karol Bagh,  Rajauri Garden, Dwarka,  Defence Colony,  Shalimar Bagh,  Khan market, Rajiv Chowk. Get instant delivery at your door step or at the door of your beloved couple whom you wish to stun with a pleasant surprise.

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