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Dear Students ! Due to Covid Pandemic , We are  currently NOT conducting  Classes . We will resume classes once the Pandemic Solution is better in Delhi. You can whatsapp on 9873281877 to add your name on the student waiting list . Thanks for Understanding and Stay Safe. 

Baking Classes in Delhi

 Best Bakery  Classes & Courses in  Delhi

Join  our unique  Hands on Professional Baking Classes & Courses , you will learning from the immense experience of our Foreign MasterChef Natasha Mohan & her trained team of Chefs  the fine Art of Egg / Eggless Baking  which will be your stepping stone to your success in Baking Careers .


We offer fully comprehensive courses so that when you Leave Cake Central Academy you will be fully prepared knowing the secrets of Baking Industry to the Invaluable technical knowledge, you will need when  purchasing the correct bakery machines & ovens required in your budget, various secrets ingredients which make you masters of baking industry to the business & marketing knowledge  which you will need  to start  your own Bakery Business from Home or Shop Successfully.


Learn Professional Baking Hands On  from the best trained Chefs under the guidance of Master Chef Natasha Mohan ,  Get to know the secret tips & techniques makes Baking very easy 

What you make , You take home with you to share & enjoy with your Friends and family 

Learn in Professional Environment .  Lunch & refreshments Included also included :

Laugh ,Eat & Learn

Learn in very small groups

so Chef Natasha  individual attention is always on you.  

Bakery Job Oriented Class / Start your own Bakery . Join & Become a Certified CCA Professional 

Meet the Creative Genius  Foreign MasterChef Natasha Mohan the Founder of Delhi's NO.1  Designer Cake Studio 

Foreign MasterChef  Natasha  , the force behind Cake Central - Design Studio .  Ranked among the top Cake Artist  of India , A Creative Design Genius under whose-guidance numerous students are today-successfully bakers, cake artist & entrepreneurs . 


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Build your skills  in Baking & Breads  & Cake essentials skills covering everything from batter basics to the fundamentals of Baking & Frosting . You’ll also be introduced to key Baking  & Decoration techniques, including  not only How but also Why of Baking , Piping, glazing, and rolled fondant, laying down a solid foundation that will prove vital when you move on to more advanced designs.

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Master Chef Natasha Mohan

Baking is a science but before anything else it's a Passion! The passion to conquer the world with your creativity . Cake Central academy which is headed by Acclaimed Chef & Cake Decorator Natasha Mohan assure you a bright future ahead while trying to fulfil your desire .


As we open our doors to aspiring bakers and decorators to either learn from scratch or upgrade their skills to fulfil their dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur . 


Sometimes , the will to succeed is not enough unless you have the right direction and knowledge to do it . We, at Cake Central help make your dreams come true and turn your passion into your profession . Our faculty is well versed with the art of baking science and have no inhibitions what so ever in sharing what has been learnt and experienced over the past so many years by them . 


The curriculum has been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners and we sincerely hope to inspire our students to discover their potential and find your own creative direction . 

The academy is a place where like minded people can come and learn Natasha's tried and tested recipes while completing one of the diploma courses . 

So , come and join us on this baking escapade , travelling to new shores and experiencing a never before adventure. 

Unleash the myriad hues hidden within and see yourself take everyone by surprise .

Open your own Bakery Business  , Join our Classes we will teach you how to become an Expert baker ! 

In becoming a part of food industry, one requires knowing whys and hows of everything. One requires having an interest in preparing delicious desserts that not only taste good also, look tempting.

Bakery Business is worth thousands of Millions  rupees in India and is growing more every every year ,

"The size of the bakery ingredients market is approximately ₹3,000 crore in India and growing at 12-15 per cent"

with a huge demand  for Chefs & Home Bakers , with the  every changing taste of the customers , who are demanding better quality and " some thing different .

Join our Academy and be a part  of Bakery Business today SUCCESSFULLY !

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