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Best Cake Pops in Delhi Online 

Order Online in Delhi NCR Delicious Customized Cake Pops

Please also see our amazing Royal Prince Themed Cake  & Cake Pops  Video for a First Birthday Celebrations Below 

Cake Pops  the delicious small miniature, round and decorated cakes which are prepared on a stick just like a lolli pop. It gives a wonderful look if decorated in a party or get together or given away as party favours . World over Cake Pops have captured the taste-buds of young and old  

Our delicious bite-sized cake pops with their adorable icing creations are taking over the baking world. 

Our Cake pops are delicious crumbled cake mixed with special frosting and then rolled or shaped into customized bite-size balls, which are dipped in melted candy wafers and served lollipop style on a stick.

But Customised designer Cake Pops made in themes and totally customised to taste are easy to eat and it is portable. We have vast varieties  of Ideas ,Designs & flavours ,

the best Cake Pops in the world, just try one and see for your self . We are sure that you are not going to eat only one cake pop but you will not stop till you have tasted all our different flavors like chocolate , red velvet and vanilla  and of course of different shapes and sizes of them .

You are going to remember your childhood , be sure to click a pic with our Cake Pops & post it on social media .

Bakers at Cake Central Design Studio are innovators and they keep on preparing new and unique designs of Designer Cake Pops but it any cartoon character or unicorn , fairytale or cute animals shaped 

They are easy to carry it  and make the best give away gifts for your childs birthday or as a Birthday return present .

 Cake Pops are the secret friends of you as it will not tell anyone that you have eaten it, because it is like a lolli pop and to consume it is easy and it does not need any plate or spoon to eat it. Simply put it in  a mouth and you will reach to the sweet world of cakes.

We have online cake pop delivery option also. So use this facility and pamper your friends and family members with our unique custom makde  cake pops. Have a cake pop and enjoy the party with your friends and relatives. These cakes are best for the persons who want to eat the cake but at the same time they want to take care of their health. These Cake Pops are so small that they will quench your sweet eating level and it does not affect with your weight.

So this is best for everyone. Enjoy the party with delicious and appetizing cake. Cake Pops can also be designed according to your party theme. So, place the order according to your planning and leave all stress to us.

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