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Birthday Cakes for Friend  in Delhi Online 

Special Happy Birthday cakes for Best Friend / Bestie by Cake Central Design Studio

Friends being the gems of life make our lives so lively. And best friend is a blessing. Doesn't a best friend need special treatment ?  Well,  sure he/she does. When it's the best friend's birthday,  you think of embellishing the occasion with an exclusive treat. A happy birthday cake for this occasion has to ooze emotional vibes of friendship, love, warmth and wishes - all stuffed together. Thus, happy birthday cake for best friend has to be exclusively planned, designed and given personal touch. Not just that jovial mix of bread,  flour,  buttercream,  milk,  baking powder,  flavors,  aromas and whipped cream,  it is the flowing flavors of friendship that promise to make this delicacy a memorable relishing experience. Since our closest friend has been by us all along through thick and thins of life, birthday cake for bestie has to contain all  the colors of cherished friendship in a flavor some way.

Happy Birthday Cake Images for Friend

Friends TV Show Themed Birthday Cakes 

Who hasn't watched and loved the TV Serial Friends , We all wish we have Friends Like that too . Choose a Friends Theme Cake for your Friends Birthday and say you care for them a lot 

friends_couch _themed_Cake_Delh_Online

Funny Toilet Themed Cakes for Bestie's Birthday 

Toilet Cakes do make the best birthday gifts for your friends birthday , you all can have a good laugh while you enjoy our delicious cake .


Naughty Cakes 

We all have a friend who has a naughty mind , be it a girl or a boy ! Our cute naughty cakes make a good birthday gift while you have a good laugh. Our cakes can be  quite innovative and fun 


To see more Naughty Cake Designs , Please visit our Best Naughty Cakes Online in Delhi Page 

Alcohol  & Fun Themed Cakes for Best Friend

If you friends loves to Drink and Enjoy , then how about a Alcohol Themed Cake of their favorite Whisky or Vodka . We can also add real minnatuerre of your friend favorite dink on the Cake.  


Food Themed  Cakes for Your Friend's Birthday

All your Friend thinks about is Food ? He is a Foodie and his favorite Burger or Biryani, or Pizza .  We will make a his favorite food themed Cake for him . We are sure they will remember this birthday cake forever .


Hollywood ,  Bollywood  , Netflix themed Cake for your Friend's Birthday 

If your Friend is a Big fan of Bollywood or Hollywood or Netflix , then choose a similar theme cake for their birthday 


Themed Birthday Cake as per their Profession 

Is your friend , a Computer Engineer , Stock  Broker , fashion Designer , Doctor , or Lawyer , Then choose a Themed Birthday Cake as per their profession 


Exotic Arabic & Hookah Themed Cakes  

if your friend has exotic tastes in life , then he will surely love a similar themed Birthday Cake.


Birthday Cakes for your Friend with their lookalike Sugar Fondant Figures on their Birthday Cake 


Peacock Cakes for your best friend 

Peacock symbolizes friendship and love , and its elegance is like no other bird ! Choose a similar themed cake for your elegant friend.  


Video Game & Gamers Themed Birthday  Cakes for Friend 


Naughty Birthday Cakes for your Friends 


Alcohol Bottle Cake for your Friend

Please also visit our Alcohol Themed Birthday Cakes in Delhi Online for more related cake designs 


Travel Themed Cake for your Friend who loves to Travel 


Weed & Marijuana Themed Birthday Cake for your Stoner Friend 


Birthday Cake for Best Male friend by Cake Central Design Studio

Men will be men,  they say. So will be the scrumptious cakes baked for them. Our best male friend may be naughty, funny, apparently straight forward or annoying at some times but always a sturdy support,  guide and sometimes a rare mentor.  Given the traits males have,  the birthday cakes baked for them must reveal their persona.  How about putting creativity to use and convert our delectable confection into an artwork depicting all what your  best friend is known for  - vrooming bikes or cars,  sports symbols,  rock star images, artistic things or just anything which makes the hot aromatic cake personal and intimate. Adding  the name to the yummy cake with fondant layering around might floor your friend and get him embrace you. And those hearty wishes ?  Let them flow straight from your heart, even when the mischievous ones. Friendship is one such amazing thing. Your bestie's choicest flavors are not to be missed.  Our cake guys guys have it all - pineapple,  vanilla,  black Forest,  butterscotch,  Friends Forever Delight,  Red Velvet,  Black current and all that salute the spirit of friendship.

Birthday cake for Best female friend by Cake Central Design Studio

Girls want to have all the fun. They have their own set of rules when it comes to food and fun. And cakes ?  Voila !  The name is enough to send them on a drooling spree.  When you have a best female friend,  her birthday cake is a mesmerizing thing to please her. Who doesn't know the girls' craze for chocolates ? Choco Truffles,  Hugs Infinite birthday cake,  cute angry birds,  Friends Forever Delight,  Glazing Chocolate,  Oreo,  Strawberry,  Red Velvet,  Barbie fondant cake,  sprinkled vanilla,  Choco walnut will sweep your best girl friend off her feet. Add her name and some heartfelt wishes ( for my beloved friend, be my friend always, life's so sweet with you, heartiest wishes for my cutest friend......). Add her name to make it more personal, intense and exclusive. The more creatively impressive idea is to chose the delicious cake theme as per the best friend's personality. Cute barbies, big spectacles, flowing long dresses and her favorite color will make her drool as well as go on an emotional spree. She makes your life a joyful journey,  make her special moments flavorsome and memorable.

Order your  Best Friend cake designs online with delivery in Delhi NCR

Happy birthday cakes for your best friend have to be carefully chosen and meticulously planned.  Online delivery offers myriad flavor options, size choices and the ease to deliver at your friend's doorstep even when the clock announces midnight hour. The surprise element adds to the sentiments and warmth in your bonding. The delivery is so swift and hassle free in all buzzing locations across Delhi NCR - Connaught Place,  Laxmi nagar,  Rajauri Garden,  Mayapuri,  Hauz Khas,  Dwarka...extending to Noida,  Faridabad...just anywhere around.

         Remember, best cakes for best friends can add some best moments in life.

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