Christening Cakes & Baptism Cakes 

Personalized & Bespoke .

Are you looking for the Perfect Cake, Cupcakes Or Giveaways   to celebrate your child's christening day or naming day? Or perhaps you are celebrating a baby shower and are looking for a tasty centrepiece for the special celebrations? If so, we have just the cake for you..

 A baby is a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God! All of God's grace in one little face. A christening is the joyous beginning of a lifetime of loving and serving the Lord.

Here is a small range of our Religious Baptism Cakes &  Christening Cakes, Cupcakes to inspire you.Yes ! All of our cakes are Uniquely bespoke and made specially for you.
We personalized our cakes till the minutest details and we always welcome your ideas to help create a cake, cupcakes or those special giveaways that is unique and special to you.
All our Cakes & Cupcakes  are  Customised Bespoke , Designed just for you  .
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Please view the Videos  of some Baptism Cakes n' Cupcakes done by us below for  Design Ideas  
Holy Communion Cakes Online Delhi

Cross Baptism Cupcakes Delhi

Cross Baptism Cupcakes Delhi

Golden Christening Cakes Delhi

Traditional  Baptism Cakes in Delhi

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Holy Communion Cakes in Delhi Online

Christian Name Day Cakes in Delhi

Holy Communion Cupcakes in Delhi

Amazing Baptism Cakes Delhi

Baptism Christening Cupcakes Delhi

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Order Beautiful Baptism Cakes Delhi

Christening Party Favors in Delhi

Customized Invites & Return Party Favors  for you 

Cake Central - Premier Cake Design Studio also creates accompanying cupcakes, cookies, giveaways or even a complete dessert table for your christening day celebrations. We are happy to deliver christening cakes to any location in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida or you can collect your cake from our Cake Studio in Defence Colony , New Delhi.

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