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       First  Birthday Cakes for Little Boys & Girls 

Fun Being One !

Celebrate & make your one - year old guest of honour's  birthday party memorable with our freshly baked delicious &  beautifully crafted Designer cakes, customised & themed to your child's favourite toy, cartoon or birthday party themed.

Your Baby Boy is a Little Prince of your life , For more Royal Prince Cake Designs . Please Visit 



Little Prince Cakes for First Birthday in Delhi

If your Baby Loves Animals & Pets , then your Baby Boy / Girl will love our 2 Tier -5 Tier Jungle Cakes with Sugar Crafted Animals, Tress, Clouds & Grasses & so much more , 100% Customised for YOU. 

For More Jungle theme Cakes Designs  Please also Visit 



Jungle Cake for First Birthday In Delhi Online

Your Baby Boy is a Cute Boss Baby , For more Boss Baby Cake Designs . Please Visit 




Your Baby Girl is your Little Princes, So how about Gifting  her a Customised 2-6 Tier  Glam & Chic Princess Cake which she will love forever, Our Cakes will 100 % Customised and Designed for your Little Angel .

For More Princess Cake Designs Please visit 



Princess Cakes in Delhi

Our Ever popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cakes for your little prince or baby princess first birthday celebrations. Customised and Designed just of you . 


Please don't forget to Watch  some of  our Amazing First Birthday Cake Videos Below 

Circus Elephant Cake Delhi Online
Hello Kitty Cake Delhi Online
Animal Cake Delhi |Circus Cake Delhi
Royal Princess Crown Cake Delhi |
Train & Car Cake Delhi 1st Birthday
Baby Elephant Cake Delhi NCR Online
Racing Car Cake Delhi 1st Birthday
Unicorn Cake Delhi -1st Birthday
Minion Cake Delhi 1st Birthday

Choose from 100's Of 1st Birthday Cake Designs & Get them 100 % Customized Too.

Being one year old  is a fun of an innocent kind. Completing first year of a journey called life has its own joys. Only the near and dear ones can feel it, the toddler himself is too tiny to express. So the family rejoices and wishes for a joy filled journey for the rest of his/her life.


Party loving people find yet another excuse to make the first birthday a celebratory occasion. And cake bakers, designers and decorators find yet another outlet to showcase their baking skills and creativity. A first birthday cake turns out to be super cute, colorful and too attractive for the one year old birthday baby. All cake things - flour, bread,  baking soda,  butter cream,  whipped cream,  milk,  granulated sugar,  icings,  fondants,  toppings and flavors - join in to multiply the fun.


The cake is baked with the soft and mellow stuff. After baking, cooling and preserving a bit, the time comes to add the charm. The designing and decorations. The best part,  of course,  remains the design sitting on the top of the baked delicacy. It can be anything which the toddler will try to put hands on. Hence,  the top of first birthday cake finds edible designing cuties like toys,  animal figures ( giraffe, rabbit, cats, elephants),  cartoons (Mickey Mouse, Tom, Superman, Chhota Bheem),  car racing tracks,  ribbons,  dolls, flying balloons, frills and anything the birthday baby can relate to. And yes,  a big scrumptious '1' (ONE) has to stand tall saying it all on behalf of the little one year old baby. Now,  the quotes. " Being one",  "I turn one ",  "Congratulations,  little champ ", " The fun side of being one",  " Happy first birthday" and lots of love lorn wishes messages add colors to the delicious cake. The surrounding ambience too calls for decorations like balloons and sparkling stars.


Cake Central Design Studio are  First Birthday Cake Specialist  be it for Your  baby boy , Baby girl  or  Baby Twins 


The colors have to be vibrant and playful, the girl theme,  of course, has to contain some pink and toppings have to include the girlie things like dolls and ribbons. Blue color remains common for baby boys.


Toddlers at one year can have their own fantasies. So one can experiment with multiple themes while doing a first birthday cake. From toys to trees,  the customization can go to aeroplanes and castles. Thus,  be ready to have a first birthday cake which can be anything from funny to musical,  but everytime cute and unique.

Flavors never stop at such charming celebrations. Kids of the tender age love to bite on chocolates,  butterscotch,  creamy milk,  vanilla,  oreos, strawberry, floral chocolate,  pineapple,  red velvet,  delightful mango flavors and a lot more delectable goodies. Ah yes  ! The first birthday cakes must contain the most important ingredient - the cuteness and appeal  to attract the birthday baby and his/her playmates. If they smile,  the cake is a success. And so the party.


Order Online Best First Birthday Cake Designs with Delivery in Delhi , Nodia , Gurgaon & Faridabad 


Getting a customized or theme based cake for your baby's first birthday can be a lovely experience. If you are expert enough to make,  bake and decorate,  you can add his favorite colors and likings. Our cake outlets are always on their toes to deliver the delectable cakes at your doorstep. Just choose your favorite cake station,  no matter where you order from, select your favorite theme,  flavor and color and type the date. The cake guys will deliver it all across the capital  - Karol Bagh,  Khan Market,  Connaught Place,  Mayapuri,  Defence Colony,  even around Noida and Ghaziabad etc or Noida , Faridabad , Gurgaon Getting the cake just at the moment the clock announces the first birthday can be overwhelming.

As a Parent of a new born , isn’t the first birthday be it for your baby boy or baby girl, the most special occasion for your little prince or princess or your twins after their birthday .


How time fly’s , just recently you were getting married and now believe it or not  Its time for the whole family to come together to celebrate the arrival of your  little one , after your wedding this the most joyous time for any family to the introduced to the new member of your family .


Believe or not there is so much to do , Choose a Venue for the party , then the choice  between some of the most popular party themes will it be the jungle theme , royal prince theme  or princess theme , boss baby theme or  unicorn theme maybe you own special theme .

And then finally a first birthday theme has to have a matching Birthday Theme Cake .


Celebrate their very first birthday with a memorable cake whose pictures & videos they’ll treasure for many years to come.  They may not remember turning one, but they’ll never forget their first birthday and their very first birthday cake  you gave them.


Chef Natasha Mohan of Cake Central Design Studio is an expert in creating the most beautiful and creative first birthday cakes , just think of a design or a theme and we can promise you that she has already made it before .  She is Indian foremost Cake Designer and  has pioneered cake techniques  which have  become Cake Decoration Standards for everyone. 

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