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Half Birthday Cakes Online in Delhi

   Size doesn't matter as far as love is being sprinkled in full dose. Fondness is a way beyond measurements when it comes to cute little arrivals in the family. First birthday is a long wait...hence the concept of half- birthday. And birthdays  are never complete without cakes.

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Half Birthday Image Design Gallery 

Order Half Birthday Cakes in Delhi , Noida & Faridabad Online with Delivery  

Catching up with anything trendy in the cake circuit,  our capital New Delhi has been crazy in dishing out half birthday cakes from several cake points in the city, even at outside locations like Noida,  Gurgaon and Faridabad . Our Online Cake Delivery is available all over Delhi NCR .Order the half birthday cakes online and get them delivered at your doorstep. No kidding !

Beautiful Half Birthday Cake Designs for your Baby's Six Month Birthday 

  A half birthday cake doesn't imply the taste or warmth will be half baked. Rather,  a half birthday cake has some cute sentiments attached to it.  A baby who is yet half way the journey towards his first birthday is presented with a half semi - circular shaped cake. Half the size to symbolize half birthday,  but double the love. Cool !  Isn't it ?

   Cakes made to celebrate kids' related occasions have to be as cute as kids themselves. They must have everything which will tempt the toddler into biting it or, at least, getting the little fingers smeared with colorful, soft and mellow butter cream otherwise topping the cake.

Half Birthday Cakes for Baby Girl Online 

When it is a baby girl, the theme has to show it. Before putting the flour,  butter milk,  baking soda,  cocoa powder,  milk and a dozen other frills and flavors to work, one has to be sure the confection oozes cuteness and feminism. Besides baking the confection with passion,  it is the flavors and colors that girls love.  Pink tops the list. A half birthday cake for a baby girl reflects pink a lot in most themes but a gorgeous white with ribbons looks pretty cool too.  The toppings are the most important part of the cake. A cute teddy, doll, a cartoon character sitting on the cake embellished with flouroscent and sprinkles do the magic. The flavors range from vanilla,  chocolate truffles,  butterscotch,  strawberry,  red velvet,  raspberry,  lemon,  ice cream,  peanut butter and a lot more to choose from.

Half Birthday Cakes for Baby Boy Online 

Boys will be boys. The choice of their colors and flavors is underlined by masculinity. It is being depicted in the half birthday cake creativity even when the baby boy is just a six month old kid. With the cake stuff showing not much difference, it is the topping where the contrast lies. The macho  toppings include edible stuff done in the shape of cars,  aeroplanes, race tracks and other speed things. The more daring ones display moustaches also,  neatly twirled. Flavors?  Well,  anything from black forest,  butterscotch,  chocolate truffles,  banana and apple pie etc etc.

Half Birthday Cakes for Twins Online 

Now for those blessed with double delight. Cake designers and innovators have never missed on the customized preparations for half birthday cakes for twins completing their first six months on the planet. With the similar cake stuff, consistency and flavors,  the symbolic half birthday cake for twins is shaped as two neatly done semi circular confections placed side by side.

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