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Jungle Theme Cake in Delhi Online 

All Kids love animals , and each kid has a favourite animal which they absolutely adore . Team Cake Central specialises in making edible miniatures of all kinds of animals and promises a terrific cake for your young ones birthday celebration . 


It will be a celebration of a lifetime and memories forever with the lion , elephant , giraffe , zebra , hippo and monkeys all coming to party with your little one . And, your child can save the edible miniatures for later and relish it provided they are refrigerated . 


See Our World Famous  3D - 4D Top 10 Jungle Theme Cake Ideas  Video Compilation  Below

Let your shining star have a blast with the animals he/she could only imagine and see in books or television . Your child will be thrilled to see edible miniatures of the animals he knows the names of and often mimics sounds of . 


We can make it more exciting by adding lights around the cake . Just dim the lights of the party hall and let your cake glow in all its glory with each animal placed strategically so the cake looks 

extravagant. The excitement on your little ones face will be worth capturing just like we capture the minutest details on the cake . 



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If your child loves animals , then our Jungle themed cake is the perfect choice for the celebration . Colours of the cake  , kind of animals and size of the cake can be customised to your liking 

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