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Happy Birthday Krishna Cake in Delhi Online 

Little Krishna Cakes be with a  beautifully crafted edible figure of the lord  krishna ,  edible sugar crafted lotus flowers and peacock feathers that too edible.  Yes all Cakes by Cake Central Design Studio is the renown Delhi Cake Shop offering the Delhi' Best Cakes with edible sugar crafted works of art . Our Krishna Cakes Designs for a 1st Birthday Celebrations of a Baby Boy or a Bhajan Sandhya, or  our Krishna theme Cakes which are always custom made just for you for your Lord Krishna Celebrations. 

Happy Birthday Krishna Cake Images 

Janmashtami Little Krishna Cake Designs 

Janmashtami is the birth of lord Krishna and it is the most auspicious day for all lord krishna devotees  , what can be a better way than to celebrate the Little Krishna Birthday with a beautiful cake with lord's theme customised as per your specifications 

Best Little Krishna Theme Cakes by Cake Central Design Studio 

Cake Central Design Studio makes the most beautiful little krishna cakes  for Janmashtami  and for all Krishan Celebrations . We just  love Lord Krishna and go out of our way to make the most intricate and unique Krishan themed cakes  

They portray him in  Is a the most loved god in Hindu Religion , Krishna is worshipped as a avatar of the God Vishnu , he is worshipped by million of people of all over the world , his birthday place is known as Brindaban and is a historic city in Mathura. Lots of our clients ask us to make Vrindavan themed Cakes , as this town hosts many temples dedicated to the worship of Radha Krishna .


Our Lord Krishna Cakes reflect the God’s compassion , tenderness and love with the cake designs like the cushion , crown , peacock, flute  and lotus which reflect various perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero, and as the universal supreme being.

Radha Krishna Cakes 

And how can any Lord Krishna Celebrations be complete without the mention of Goddess Radha . as the combined forms of feminine as well as the masculine realities of God. Radha and Krishna are the primeval forms of God and His pleasure potency respectively .. Call us on 9810022201 or whatsapp us at 9873281877 for your specially designed Radha Krishna Cakes with all their  splendour and luxury which only Cake Central Design Studio can offer .  

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