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Makeup Cakes in Delhi Online

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How about biting into the luscious lipstick ? Or chewing on the naughty nail polish? Or simply feasting on the gorgeous lip gloss?  This is not all. How about gulping down the make-up brush or blush pencil as a whole? No, it is not from the diary of a person gone insane. Nor is it the fantasy tale of a crazy lover going overboard. It is, in fact, the latest quirky innovation taking place in the cake lovers’ laboratory, popularly known as bakery.

Our Customised Makeup Cakes Image Design Gallery 

Beautiful Makeup Kit Cakes with Online Cake Delivery in Delhi , Noida , Faridabad 

  Make up cakes. Cosmetic cakes. Well, the names sound a bit weird but the girls are all going gaga for it. And their partners are super excited to order them round the clock. A make –up cake has all the ingredients of a drool- inspiring confection – buttermilk, vanilla, tangy tastes, baking delicacies, frills, fondants, scrumptious fillings, tempting toppings, smooth cream, condensed milk, nuts, aromatic flavours and everything a cake is known for.  But all neatly done or artistically moulded into the form of a makeup kit or a full fledged vanity box.  The baked confection looks so authentic that one would think and look around twice before digging his teeth into it.

  Makeup cakes are available on the table in all flavours – strawberry, vanilla, lemon, butterscotch, black current, red velvet, kiwi, coffee, caramel crunch, chocolate fudge and every crunchy and sumptuous flavour under the sun. 

Makeup & Cosmetic Theme Cakes are the Best Birthday Gifts  for  Girls

The best part of a make up cake is that we can't limit it to a particular occasion. A make up kit being a girl's all time favorite,  they are happy to feast upon a make up cake on every celebratory event. You can order them for her birthday,  accomplishment, flowers day,  friendship day,  chocolate day or any event that is to be made memorable.  The couples, soon-to-be-couples and their friends can see a good delectable gift option in a make up or cosmetic cake for weddings, engagements,  mehndi ceremonies, ring ceremonies, marriage anniversary and multiple special moments. 

Make up cakes for her birthday must bear her name to make it look intense and personal. The designers are all excited to ornate the confection with her choicest color combos,  her favorite flavours and customized frills and toppings. Pink being a girl's best friend finds a cherished place in almost all cosmetic cake designs.

    Cosmetic cakes are blending art with taste in all shapes and designs - cubical vanity box with lipstick,  mascara,  eye liners,  brushes and eye liners sitting on the top or resting along,  oval shaped containers displaying make up accessories, heart shaped, squares, rounded and customized shapes and sizes. All parts are colorfully sculpted into an alluring delicacy.

Delhi's Best MAC Make Up Cakes by Cake Central Design Studio


3 D Mac make up cakes are so designed as to steal the show and tempt the taste buds at the same time. These exclusive cosmetic cakes are known for their personalised touch, high detail, crispiness of taste and finesse in cuisine creativity.

With the trend of cosmetic cakes catching up fast with the cake lovers,  New Delhi and around are shelling out these cosmetic delicacies with charm and ease. You may order them online from every hip corner of the capital - Laxmi nagar,  Rajauri Garden, Karol Bagh,  Defence Colony,  Greater Kailash, Noida and all locations known for good food and fun.

  Cosmetic cakes are here to floor you with their sheer elegance, scrumptious flavors and,  above all,  the ability to win the hearts. Grab them from your choicest cake station or just order them online,  you will end up complimenting yourself with a rare treat.

  Make up your mind to get smitten by the make up cakes ! 

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