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Mickey Mouse Cakes in Delhi Online 

Ready for the Disney party

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Mickey Mouse Cake Images 

Mickey Mouse cake for the first Birthday from Cake Central Design Studio


If Mickey Mouse is the chosen theme for the child's  first birthday,  the venue has to resemble Disney Land. With all little guests assembled in colorful attires filling the party venue with their cute cacophony, the darling of the party, Mickey Mouse cake, occupies the centre of the table. And yes,  since it is the first birthday of the little one,  a big ONE figure must stand on top of the delectable crunchy cake. The mouth watering delicacy becomes more adorable if it bears the name of the birthday boy or girl with wishes flowing straight from the heart. The first birthday Mickey Mouse cakecan be relished in multiple flavour choices - vanilla,  strawberry,  butterscotch,  black Forest,  chocolate truffles,  oreos,  chocolate fudge, German chocolate,  banana,  cherry or just any titillating taste to thrill the innocent little ones.

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Order Online in Delhi and NCR

Getting a Mickey Mouse cake in the capital is just as fun. Cake guys love to make it,  bakers love to bake it and designs love to embellish it with myriad facets of creativity. We also offer the Best Birthday Cakes for Kids in Delhi Online And the cake outlets love to deliver it at your door step at the click of a mouse. Just pick your cherished cake joint or bakers and select the flavor you desire and order. Mickey Mouse cakes are eager to convert the food capital into a cake lover's Disneyland. Get them delivered at any bubbling location in New Delhi and NCR, Greater Kailash,  Rajauri Garden,  Cannaught Palace,  Rajiv chowk,  Laxmi Nagar,  Dwarka,  Khan Market,  Defence Colony.

                 Let Mickey Mouse be at your house !

Mickey Mouse with  Friends Clubhouse Cakes Designs 

Mickey Mouse has never failed to thrill the cute little kids. The super naughty Disney character with a wide grin, big flat ears and a giant black mole on the nose has been a childhood friend for many among us. How can a kid then miss the chance to invite him to his/her birthday ?  Cake designers made it possible when they pondered over the idea of  designing  a Mickey Mouse cake baked exclusively to don the birthday of little ones.

  Mickey Mouse cake.  Well,  the name itself sets us on a drooling mode. Little playful children find Mickey Mouse to be their next door mate. They love to see Mickey Mouse on cake as well. Thus, making a cake on Mickey Mouse theme is a challenge in itself.  The crunchy cake has to make the children glad to the heart. There are more than one method of preparing this kids special confection. Cake bakers have to be in love with Disneyland before putting hands on the cake pan. With a heart as tender as a kid,  the cake makers can summon all ingredients - milk,  powdered sugar,  baking agents,  flour,  buttermilk,  cream,  flavors,  aromatic ingredients,  decor elements and the necessary apparatus. The Mickey Mouse cake can be either made by simply making a cut out of mischievous Mickey Mouse sit on the top of the delicacy. Also,  the name of the birthday kid will find a decorous  place below or by the side of Mickey. Alternatively,  the batter itself can be cut out like Mickey Mouse. Or the cupcakes can be filled with the shape like Mickey Mouse with two Oreos cookies jutting out forming those fan like ears.

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