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Oh My !! High on Cakes ??


My Calling towards Art , Craft & Culinary Started while still in my pampers , I am told now how while my mummy was busy with her daily chores I ended up drawing ( if you can call it that ) a beautiful painting on the wall I am told today it was that of a three tier cake (beautiful ..I would like to think it as J ) anyhow as days turned into months while other kids of my age played with dolls & toys , my mind would wonder towards creations , trying to put imaginative dot together into colors & random designs would emerge and then submerge in my mind , later

I learnt that’s what is called “inner self” and today I have realized that the true inspiration of Art & Creativity stems from the inner depth of one’s self.

Till a particular age when mind is still free from all the worldly things ..and that when life’s calling can be heard ..Oh ! little whispers , a little door on the door way just waiting to be open .

My romance with food started at the age of 10 when a whiff of fragrance from the kitchen could magically make me leave everything and run towards it .

My Imagination & love of food, specially Cakes , Baking , Culinary merged into one supernova and life has never been the same again for me . Every Decision hence big or small of my life has been towards the fulfillment of my dream , to create and something special and spectacular everything since.

Today I am Professional Cake Artist , A Chef but above all this I like to believe I am a human doing God’s work ..creating happiness & spreading joy in this sad world with my work . My Cakes even if they can make people a little happy and what could be better than seeing a little child’s eyes light up by seeing my 3D & 4D Designer Cakes , his favorite cartoon figure coming to life or the 50th Anniversary Cakes where a couples full life is compressed into this special cake ..their life pictures , their greatest likes & love ..Oh I say what could be Better.

I tell my students if you are entering this profession for the wrong reasons, you would only be unhappy & take decisions which would ultimately destroy your career . Money can never the right reason to become a Cake Artist or An Artist in any field, creativity can’t stem with money or money with creativity.


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