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Designer Cake Oh the Barbie Cake..

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


SO many of My Cake Central - Delhi's Premier Cake Design Studio's Designer Cakes , Customized Cakes , Wedding Cakes , 3D cakes , 4D cakes , Cakes in all sizes & form but A Bespoke Designer cake in a moment long gone by but still cherished deep in my heart. A cake so deeply embossed in my heart & mind , maybe that's where the seed of Cake Central - Premier Cake Design Studio was planted subconsciously in my mind. My vivid memory of a very special Birthday which brought so much happiness to me that I could equate it to pure bliss. It was the third day of November and I was prettily dressed in my favorite pink and white polka dotted frock , sitting on my papa's lap being the center of all joyous mayhem with my eyes fixed upon my bespoke Barbie cake. My favorite doll Barbie had been brought to life in this unbelievably beautiful edible piece of art How I loved my Barbie , she was what I wanted to become , she was my toy , my friend , sleeping partner & confidante. Those were the days of the ordinary bakery cakes like pineapple and black forest, but my parents had specially ordered for me a barbie cake from an America returned aunt who was also a home baker. She was a rage with her price and quality matching up to that of a 5 Star hotel. She would be booked for months in advance because she used to make the most beautiful and elaborate cakes and that's how she caught my fancy and played an important role in shaping my future too. Elaborating more on that shall write soon and put it up for all of you to get acquainted. I promise ! Now getting back to my one of a kind barbie cake with superlative designing . I was mesmerized and awe struck with this artwork, a beautiful edible creation which made my little mind wonder if it really was cake and that too all for me to relish and forever hold dear as a memory. I could never forget that feeling & that's why I want every child in the world to have their very own special magical moment which they can treasure for the rest of their lives . Now every time I make a Barbie cake it reminds of the little wide eyed girl in me who has now turned into a woman but deep down still longs for that special moment with her Barbie once more. That moment did come some 25 years later when I made a Barbie doll cake for my daughter and what a joy it was to relive that moment once again in the eyes of my little daughter and her Barbie.


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