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Ranbir Kapoor meets Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe on my cake !

Bollywood themed cake, Designer Cakes , 3D Cakes , 4D Cakes for Cake Central Delhi Defence Colony . Ranbir Kapoor Cake , Cake Central Premier Cake Design Studio Defence Colony


Ring * Ring ..I'm in the middle of designing a huge wedding cake and then suddenly I hear the phone ring and the following conversation pursues : Hello! Yes plz , on the other end ...Cake Central - Premier Cake Design Studio ?? Yes,I say. I know when people call us they want something special . Plz can we have a Bollywood themed Designer Cake for a girls out Diwali party & birthday party ... Well the special bit being that its 2 girls birthday and its's just before Diwali. They love Ranbir Kapoor , Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe. As if that wasn't enough the person calling had one more teeny winey demand that somehow i include the element of Cards n gambling also on the Cake . And, finally the last demand to please make it a 3D Cake ???? Phew !!!! Anything more, I asked calmly.

Yes! Make it a 2 kg cake ...the egg free chocolate truffle ...your usual Yummiest Cake which melts in the mouth & plz merge the Bollywood & Hollywood Theme ...and make its super duper cute Bollywood Hollywood , Diwali , Birthday 3D Designer cake ....

At Cake Central Delhi we love challenges , being innovative , different ...I hate the usual bakery style cakes and their concept of one cake fits all . Bakery Cakes made randomly without love , care and without any thought to personalize or customize them rather just churning out cakes one after the other , day after day with the same design again & again.

No , Never in Cake Central !!

No Cake will ever leave Cake Central - The Premier Cake Design Studio's door till its not awesome , beautiful & special.

At Cake Central no cake design should be repeated , something new has to be given to the customer every time . Each client's cake would be unique and only theirs to hold a special place and cherish for a life time . Time once gone by becomes a memory and I want my client to think back in time about their special day and in turn think about us too .

A Quick meeting with Cake Central's team ..& time to work out our cake magic once more but before we get started each & every detail needs to be discussed and many ideas and thoughts need to be incorporated for all the elements to be used . A perfect cake where everything is just right.

Which means it's either a perfect cake or there's no cake at all .

My edible art which also needs to be equally tasty n be able to hold against nature's fury n Delhi's bumpy roads too ....LoL & on time every time .


Bollywood theme cake , Designer Cake for Cake Central Delhi New Delhi - Premier Cake Design Studio

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