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Cake for a Doctor working at PATHOLOGY LAB at AIIMS Hospital .

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PATHOLOGY LAB CAKE I have made plenty of customized cakes which include cakes for doctors, lawyers , teachers. But,now it was time to make one for a pathologist working in AIIMS Hospital. Hmmm..... now,that's a first and immediately it got my mind racing for ideas. And... .... I decided that it has to be something innovative & creative as always which is the case with most of my cakes and an added element of a "wow" factor. SILENCE PLEASE ...let me think !!!I believe all complications in life can be solved with a simplistic approach. So,; I first started sketching random ideas about how I could incorporate the building of AIIMS as a backdrop while keeping it simple yet beautifully complicated in design & minimalist in approach .....

Cake for Doctor Delhi ,  Pathology Lab theme Cake , Cake for a Doctor ,  Designer Cake Delhi , Doctor Cake Delhi , 4D Cake in Delhi, Cake Central Delhi - Premier Cake Design Studio New Delhi . Customized Theme Cakes in South Delhi

What had always struck me about AIIMs was the mammoth soviet styled building which is very squarish & unassuming . I had to include this simplistic building too in my cake somehow, along with our pathologist's miniature sitting comfortably in her Path Lab working hard with her equipment, most importantly the microscope.
After a lot of toil & hard work and a a few hiccups of course, which only help in adding to the thrill and fun of creating an edible piece of art. Ha! Though not at the time of making i'm sure . But, it's the journey that makes reaching the destination enjoyable and no one can take away those memories and uniqueness from every cake i make.

Finally , the cake was delivered and I was delighted to receive the response and learn that the cake went down exceedingly well with the one who it was commissioned for . So, here it is folks . Presenting Cake Central's Pathology Lab Cake ! Hope u like it ..

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