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The most Beautiful Barbie Doll Cake Ever !

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It's truly said that love makes the world go round. Read on to find out why ....

One day I got a call from a husband wanting to gift his wife a beautiful Barbie cake for her birthday. And , one of the pre- requisites being that he did not want the usual Barbie Cake which is available easily. But rather, one which would be exquisite, unique & perfectly hand crafted for his beloved who he lovingly called Barbie doll. His real life princess . For this he had done intensive research and short listed Cake Central - Delhi Premier Cake Design Studio out of the many talented bakers in and around Delhi.

He had searched our FaceBook , Zomato and Google and was sure that only I could do justice to the design he had in mind. It was an honor indeed . Finally , the design and the date of delivery was fixed and just before I was about to start work , I get a message that his wife was aware of the surprise ..and was now , equally excited ! .... Ha! ... As If the pressure to make the most beautiful hand painted cake wasn't enough ☺ But it's always fun to work with challenges as they bring out only the best in you 👍🏻 Soon it was time for me to adorn my superwoman's cape which in my case is an apron or my Chef coat ..and my "super powers of a cake artist" would be put to test . Before I started ... I said to myself that "this would not be like the usual Barbie cake ...but the most beautiful Barbie cake ever" and a few hours later ....... BAM !!!!

I had nailed it !! Yet again .

Yes , the client loved the cake & so did his wife. I am happy to report that the birthday girl refused to cut the cake as it was just too beautiful .

Now ,that's the best compliment for a cake artiste and upon hearing such reviews you feel every minute spent in the detailing was well worth it .

One more day complete ..and one more happy client

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