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Our DJ Themed Designer Cake

So, here I am, with my latest creation which is a DJ themed cake requested by our client for her son. He loves music and aspires to be a world famous DJ some day . Hence , aptly so the mother chose the theme and asked me to add whatever it takes to make the cake "awesome ". And, I promptly replied "Yes Ma'am! At Cake Central - Delhi's Premier Cake Design Studio that's exactly what we do."

Hmmm..... Now, a DJ cake needs to be really cool I feel . It should be able to convey the passion and obsession this boy has for music.

The client said she's very excited to see what the cake will eventually look like because she's expecting nothing but the best ... Ha! Well! So am I !!!! Can't wait to see what my mind churns out this time around .

Finally , putting all inhibitions to rest and having decided upon a rough sketch of what I want .... I start work on the cake by handcrafting the birthday boy

" Rudraksh" to stand right behind the DJ console just like in a real life situation . Not to miss his silver headphones which will shine bright in the disco light . Yessss!!!! You guessed it , there's a surprise element of lighting too in the cake. How can a party with rocking music be complete without lighting .

Our DJ Cake :-

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