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How we made the Best Doraemon cake !

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Ring* Ring* Hello !! Cake Central Premier Cake Design Studio Delhi ? Yes.. Would like to order a Doraemon Birthday cake please ! Could you make it a 3 tier , 5Kg cake for a kid's first birthday party. Make it as bright and colorful as you can with the miniatures of Doraemon and the main character Nobita. And,one more thing “ it has to be really special!". Hmmm .. Now ! just between you and me...doesn’t that go without saying at Cake Central – The Premier Cake Design studio

Just like Apple ...Our Motto is " think different

I personally find Doraemon the cutest cartoon character . He's naughty and mischievous but also very cute and adorable at the same time. And, what more can I say about his friends as this cartoons popularity is unsurpassed and is liked by one and all to the extent that I've even received request from a teenager for a Doraemon cake !!!!!

If you have never heard about Doraemon well you need to click here http://disneychannel.disney.in/doraemon or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Doraemon_characters..! I firmly believe that for one to do justice to a cartoon character you yourself need to look at it from a child’s eyes & his perspective .

Till date I have made numerous Doraemon cakes, but there are a few I'd like to share with you.

Also , like to share with you that no two Doraemon cakes of mine are the same. They've always been different and I am so proud of that .

Before I finalize any order , I need to speak to my client & really understand what their child fancies about their favorite cartoon character or superhero . And , then I start working to be able to convert dreams into reality .

1. Doraemon & all this friends on a Cake !

This creation of mine is very special to me . A huge full size free hand made Doraemon doll in the middle and 3D Fondant toppers of Doraemon’s friends around him.

2. My 3D Doraemon Cake

Now these were the instructions from my client , he is a grandpa gifting this grandson a cake which he can remember for a long long time .

1. 3 Tier Cake

2. With Doraemon & Nobita

3. Rainbow

4. It has to be really beautiful .

So here we go folks ..

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